Thursday, December 13, 2018

Good Bye Paparore

Hi! its Bindi. You can tell by the tittle that I am leaving Paparore school,Its an amazing school and I have had an amazing adventure at this wonderful school.I will be going to intermediate school but i'm sure my friend Faye and I will visit some times and give our teachers a great big hug. My friend Faye and I will be in the same classroom and we will be studding together. I had a graduation a few days ago and now its time to say good bye to this beautiful school because its my last day at Paparore school. I am leaving with 30 year six students in my class like my most greatest friend Faye.
Here is a super fun video to watch that was presented at the graduation.
For the last time ... goodbye beautiful school❤😢😞😥

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